A new list of transformational films have been added to the production line-up at Way To Go Media, and are planned for development and production in the upcoming years.  “One Hand Clapping,” which was originally scheduled to be shot in Spring, 2014, has been put on hiatus while its production and distribution strategy is re-engineered. However, two more projects have been pushed to the forefront of the production slate. The feature documentary, “The Inner Sonic Key,” is currently being prepped for production and release in 2014, while “Patterns of Creation,” an animated sci-fi feature, is currently going through a script rewrite. It is slated for production in 2015.


The Inner Sonic Key seeks to answer some of the questions that the mystical dramatic feature “Dreams Awake” presented to us.  “Are you listening?” was one of many questions asked by that film. “The Inner Sonic Key” challenges us even more by attempting to reveal one of the oldest, yet most secretive, spiritual traditions in the world, and in the process uncovering the mystery of the inner sound residing in each of us.

“Patterns of Creation” is a fast-paced, animated sci-fi adventure that hopes to define the transformational animation genre, by presenting a story world richly populated with diverse characters working out their spiritual issues on multiple worlds within multiple dimensions.

“These films each represent an important building block of a larger, more complex spiritual structure that we wish to create for and present to our audience,” explained writer-director Jerry Alden Deal.  “This new lineup creates a stronger foundation of how those building blocks are placed onto our production timeline, for now and in the future.”

Author: WTGM Press

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