Transformational Media

For several years now the world has been experiencing a new type of transformation. Whether called ‘consciousness raising,’ ‘positive thinking,’ or ‘personal inner growth,’ with elements of the self-help, inspirational, and spiritual growth movements blended in, this “movement” has reshaped both the outer and inner landscape of our world. It is here. It is a known fact. And it continues to grow and expand in many avenues of our lives.

One of the most influential arenas experiencing this type of growth is in the media world; in music, in publishing, and in visual media. In the film world there is currently a movement afoot to add a new cinema genre or classification, which could be called Transformational Media.

Some might call it Spiritual Cinema. Others might call it Conscious Content. However we may each choose to define it, the elements comprising this type of media are very similar. Buzzwords like ‘life changing,’ ‘inspirational,’ ‘empowering,’ ‘new awareness,’ or ‘enlightened living,’ all seem to be finding a place into this new paradigm of content creation.

Generally speaking this type of media has positive, inspiring, and uplifting stories that reveal and express insight and wisdom into our inner natures. Usually they contain universal, yet personal, themes and messages, which explore those inner qualities and values that consciously need nurturing. You could say that they are emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition for audiences hungry and thirsty for their vision, intent and originality.

In addition, this type of media not only seems to be pointing the way for us to achieve our highest potential, but to use this vision, clarity and purpose to help transform the world we all live in. Certainly a very noble and worthwhile goal, as it truly does appear that a worldwide movement is not only emerging but rapidly expanding around this life changing, transformational media. In summary then, Transformational Media not only to inspire, nurture, and transform our inner selves, but to inspire, nurture, and transform our world.

The team at Way To Go Media buys into this exciting paradigm, and we are actively working to be a partner in the realization of transformational content, media, and entertainment, highlighting content with mystical, metaphysical and spiritual themes.

Way To Go Media is an award-winning film production company that taps into the demand for fresh and transformational entertainment across feature films, documentaries and Internet series. By focusing on elements of spirituality, otherworldly forces, and higher consciousness, the Way To Go team creates unique, compelling, and visionary stories independently, keeping the focus on the artistic message paramount to the niche market hungry for uplifting and illuminating stories.

With one completed feature (the multi-award-winning “Dreams Awake”) and nine other projects in various stages of  development, Way To Go Media is going all out to produce entertainment showing everyday people confronted with challenging metaphysical situations and multi-dimensional forces.

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