One Hand Clapping

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In this powerful story of a Texas family’s journey back to wholeness we get a glimpse into the subtle, but intense possibilities of the human spirit, as this metaphysical drama encompasses the very powerful themes of life, death and rebirth.

Sibling rivalry, multi-generational bitterness, and the possibility of reincarnation are the dominant themes when three brothers return to their small Texas home town to reconcile with their dying father. As they grapple with the repercussions of events forty years ago, an 8-year-old child may have the power to change all of their fates for the better.

The idea of reincarnation as a serious subject may be controversial for some, but this film will be true to its original vision of transformational entertainment as it explores concepts beyond any traditional mindsets or paradigms.

Script ready to go, but currently on hiatus. For more information and ongoing updates, please go to the film website:

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