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“The sound is the source of all manifestation … The knower of the mystery of
Sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

“For in the beginning of the times so did we all share in the Holy Stream
of Sound that gave birth to all creation.”

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

“The Tao is the source of all things … existed before heaven and earth
… eternal … pervades everywhere.”

“In the beginning was OM …”

Virtually every civilization in the world has had some type of creation myth that involved sound, usually sound that was equated with consciousness and that this celestial sound was the first creation, so that everything else created came from such ‘otherworldly’ sound in the ether. A number of spiritual, mystical and religious texts have spoken of this metaphysical equation of sound as an element of their most honored traditions.

“The Inner Sonic Key” is a spiritual documentary about the history, development and evolution of one of the oldest, yet most secret, spiritual traditions on the planet. In an eye-opening revelation of the inner sound inside us all, this film will explore, demystify and break new ground concerning this rarely discussed cosmic force.

Whether it be called Surat Shabd Yoga, Nada Yoga, or Sound Current Meditation, this film opens up the inner sound that connects all to creation, referred to by many cultures as ‘The Word’, ‘Anahad Shabd’, ‘Unstruck Melody’, ‘Music of the Spheres’, ‘Audible Life Stream’, ‘Akash Bani’, ‘Song of the Creator’, ‘Saute Surmad’ and several more.

This project is currently in the post production phase, and will be ready for release in 2017. A source website for more information:

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