Happy New Year 1

Yes … that time of the year has rolled around once again. When we reflect upon the past year, and what all that meant or didn’t mean. Things we should have done, but didn’t. Things we did, but shouldn’t have. Things we wanted to do, but didn’t. Things we didn’t want to do, but did anyway. Uh, oh … wait, is this all sounding too negative? Too dreary, too down in the dumps? Well, yes …

But that’s what a new, freshly crafted year is for, to spring open the vast well of future possibilities and dream about all that we can do in this new, shiny year. Like a new babe born into the world, shrugging off that old grouchy grandpa year, so full of laughs and giggles about what there is to look forward to … the onward and upward future of … why we be, why we do, and why we live.

Happy New Year 2

Way To Go Media feels the very same. 2015 was just one of those years, when not all we wanted to accomplish seemed to happen. Yet it was productive in another way. It was a time for development and reflection, for considering serious options and planning for a better future.

We feel 2016 will be a different type of year. Lots of intriguing changes, fun possibilities, and a time to put plans into action. And truly, a time for growth. For this is more than just a year to mark on a calendar, but a pivotal time to carve out a real place in the media niche we aspire to serve …

Transformational media. A time for it to mature, reach, and service a world that seeks and hungers for its own personal reason for being … beyond all those pedestrian and customary illusions of life always vying for our constant attention.

Happy New Year 3


Author: Jerry Alden Deal

Writer – Director – Producer of Way To Go Media, LLC.
Over the past thirty years Jerry has been hired numerous times to develop and write screenplays for other production companies. During that same period several of his spec scripts were also optioned. ‘Dreams Awake’ was Jerry’s feature directorial debut. He has several other projects in various stages of development. One of which, the feature documentary ‘The Inner Sonic Key’ is currently in post-production.

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